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Forum Guidelines:
1. Excessive posting to raise post count, otherwise known as "post-whoring" is prohibited. 5 posts in succession of one another are groundings for a muting. If the forum is [b]DEAD[/b], only one thread every ten minutes is allowed by a user.
2. Bashing of other members in an excessive, repeated or direct way to instigate is not allowed. This is soley up to the moderator as to what they see as inappropriate.
3. Posting sexually explicit links or images is prohibited.
4. Try not to use excessive profanity in thread titles.
5. Disrespecting administration is prohibited, regardless of a possible jestful nature. People in the public forum witness such communication and may not understand it's implications. These people will often mirror what they see. Do not argue with the administrator if they ask you not to.
6. Deliberate derogatory comments against a member's religion, gender, sexuality or race is prohibited. I understand that some of you have a friendly rapport that is more tolerant than usual. So, ONLY if I am notified by the [aimed] offended party with proof, I will mute the offender's account. Also, using any of these remarks in threads created by administration is prohibited. It is considered disrespectful.
7. Anyone requesting to be featured for the week MAY be automatically set as a Random member, if chosen.
8. Anyone requesting to be a moderator will NOT be considered.
9. Anyone whom acts as a "voice" for muted or banned members in order to communicate with the forum, will recieve the same punishment as the offending member.
10. Sharing accounts is prohibited.
11. Do not make 'underaged' threads in this forum. If you have inquiries about members who you believe to be underaged, contact the administrator directly through e-mail, or instant message. Naturally, I'm unable to delete everyone on the website so please don't bombard me with links.
12. Whining about consequences will only lead to a longer sentence. The answer to your muting period question will always be 'a long time' especially if I, the administrator mutes you.
13. If no moderators were present at the time of a negative situation, they should be notified through instant message with a link to the crime. Or feel free to contact me via email ''
14. Posting links to affiliate programs or pay-per-click PPC links or plugs of any sort are strictly forbidden and will result in an immediate deletion. Promotion of any Adult website for commercial gain or services including adult dating, cam sites and any commercial adult activities are not allowed. Occasionaly some members report solicitations from 'scouts' looking for female 'models' If you are approached in this manner, please contact any of the mods and report it.

Members can post a link to an adult site as long as it is in context to their post or the the thread. Advertising or promoting a porn site on YBX is not allowed and will result in a ban. Flooding the forums or site with porn links is not allowed, YBX is NOT a links dump.

Shock sites or anything graphic or distatesful involving death, cruelty to children or animals will not be tolerated. The promotion of racist or extrmist websites or content is strictly forbidden and will result in an immediate ban.

All links that lead to adult sites or content MUST include a warning such as 'Warning Adult Link' This way members have a choice to either click the link or not. Links that do not include warnings may be removed if reported.


Failure to comply could result in one of the following: muting, banning, or deleting.
The moderators will use their best judgement in altering what they see fit, and/or notify
administration of any negative occurences they witness.

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