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10:29PM Nov 30, 2014
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Get Honest reviews of your profiles for women. (by matteoXYY)
Hello I am a guy that unlike some guys on here who only rate X for every girl they see. Go ahead check some of the guys who voted X for you and see what votes they give other girls.There are allot of guys on here who have given 20-30 votes with 90%-100% being X. So do you want a inaccurate rating from a person who likes everyone. Now if you looked at my account you see I am one of the few guys who have variations from 1 to x. I not the only guy but we seem to be rare. If you want an accurate opinion from a dating photo critic I will judge allot harder then most guys on here but most guys have no standards on here so maybe I am just average.

So if you want me to send to a complete review of your profile just drop me a link to your account and the method you want me to send it to you.

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09:38AM Dec 18, 2014
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Get Honest reviews of your profiles for women. (by matteoXYY)

y r u b n so stoopid
I'm probably cooler than you. And i'm probably right.

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