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07:13PM Jun 09, 2017
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Post Whore

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Keeping it alive, and I'm not sure why.
Every so often I think about this site, and how much I enjoyed spending a portion of my early 20s in this forum talking to folks from all over. Admittedly, it would be cool if, one day, I popped back on here and found that things had picked back up again. However, the most likely scenario will be some of us, one day, will become nostalgic of this site and return to find a dead link. I may or may not come back to see if anyone has responded, but I'm sure I'll attempt to revisit again at some point in the future. Either way, I hope everyone of the old "ybx regulars" crew are doing well, and are happy and content in their lives.

I'll do anything to sell propane and propane accessories.

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