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0 - Female - NY
#1. kandydevil 5784
28 - Male - TX
#2. Taylr692b 3962
19 - Female - VA
#3. Kinsey 3098
My friends call me Kinsey. I have fun. I smoke too much pot and drink too much alcohol (when I get the chance). I smoke cigarettes when I'm stressed or drunk. I need to learn to control my addictions a little better. I've started to dabble with the blow a little. Ah, recreation! I break the law da
24 - Female - FL
#4. dorkyl3oo 2040
FB = Marycel Zuchowsky i'm an original ybxer. im hardly ever on here anymore, if anything i check it once a year. everyone is entitled to their own opinion. **August 10, 2007** Tristan, my son, my world... was 7lbs 6oz. He begins his life as a little man with the world at his feet.
18 - Female - TX
#5. Hillary 1772
IM me and find out
19 - Male
#6. ckys_bushman 1750
Rebels forever, check out the forum .hi im peter,i live in glasgow. I play the guitar and drums and love all sorts of music. I love rock and metal music, my fave band is guns and roses. Feel free 2 comment thanx peter.
18 - Female - ON
#7. usosexzie00 1701
Alanna- I live in Hamilton, where the guys are jerks and the girls are fake. Don't I love it :) Not the prettiest, skinniest, \"raddest\" person on this site, Well, I'm really not the anything-est gal on this site, but I'm okay with that. I've got a sarcastic humor to me, it gets annoying even
23 - Female - IL
#8. RobotParts 1632
Sarah. 23. I'm hilarious if you really know me. Quiet if you don't. I'm a single mom.
23 - Male - MT
#9. 1hotrod 1612
im a professional college student most of the time..I work 2 jobs, during the day I work for my friends dad at his shop, during the weekend I'm a Bartender (best job ever, can't beat tips!). I love to play sports, go to the gym and party like a friggin rockstar. My friends are my life and i hate b
18 - Female - GA
#10. twiztidbabie 1516
This site is over rated,just like the rest of them.. [X]I Dont care if you think im a bitch,Because Behind This bitch,THeres the asshole that made me this way.[X] *((Umm I Hate People,Get over it))* -If i dont Like you,YOull Know- [x]I think About Your Face,and how i fall into your eyes,The
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