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24 - Female - TX
#11. onepartchaos 1512
psychology & sociology major, feminist, liberal, well mannered, well read, music makes my world go round. i choose my company by the beating of their hearts not the swelling of their heads
23 - Female - NJ
#12. jerseykid 1494
Not much to say....I'm not your typical girl, I live a simple life. I'm back in school...working hard. I just want to be happy and have those around love me for who I am...not who they want me to be. Msg me and get the chance to know me...I just might surprise ya
20 - Female - CA
#13. CrossMyHeart 1395
Sarah. 8 Tattoos. 10 piercings. 5/8\" stretched Ears. How Original. Music oriented. Open minded. Observant. Outgoing. Singer. Persuasive. Dominating. Loud. Crazy. Nice. Mysterious. Determined. Artistic. Writing is my is my makes everything okay..I love this beauty..
18 - Female - FL
#14. XiTaLiAnBaBi 1392
sO yOu want tO knOw bOut me. take awalk in my shOes. if yOu can hanle the five inch heels. lOrd knOws i cnt live witOut them. Im Sicilian sO yOu knOw i have a temper. brOwn eyes, 5'3. nO need fOr fake imitatiOns. cOnfident:deal with it. prOud Of my assets. cOmpletely bOut repect. i am a lady, treat
18 - Female - ON
#15. noisexkisses 1374
24 - Female - IL
#16. snatch 1363
When was it that you lost your youth or traded it for something more for them to use so jaded. Why is it that you never said I love you more than just a friend? I pray this gridlock never ends and when we get there just depends. I found out recently that you are leaving. For good I hope I sof
20 - Female - FL
#17. qwrty43 1360
I opened a yogurt and underneath the lid it said \"please try again\" they were having a contest that I was unaware of. I thought maybe I had opened the yogurt wrong.Or maybe Yoplait was trying to inspire me. Come on Jamie, don't give up! An inspirational message from your friends at Yoplait, fru
19 - Female - FL
#18. xxNurseAshle 1235
:-) Hey guys and gals. My name is Ashley. I am 19 years old and I attend Polk Community College with a major in nursing. I love love love to party and hang out with my friends. I absolutely love them to death! Love to go to clubs and bars and just dance, meet new people and have a good time.Other th
19 - Female - PA
#19. l3s8o21 1221
NEW PRO - - d4n1lynn3 CHECK IT OUT! :) THE 411; [�] danielle; or dani. [�] blonde hair, w. black underneith. [�] green eyes, that im known for. [�] 5`9. [�] italian. [�] i always have a `FUCK U, BITCH` look on my face. [�] extremely tan. [�] inked;
18 - Female - OH
#20. CandyKisses1 1194
* Rachel. * Goes By Rachel Or Rachie. Never Rach. * Senior At Start High School. * Seventeen. * 5'2. * Brown Hair. * Hazel Eyes. * Belly Ring. * Shy At First. * Talkative. * Hyper. * Random. * Goofy. * In Love. * Mature. * Immature. * Serious. * Silly. * Anything Else. Just Ask. :] *
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