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20 - Female - MD
#101. _N_E_D_E_N_ 684
*Liz *BOMBSHELL *Age 20 *Model *Graduate of Kenwood and Sollers Point *Cosmetologist * the best guy ever..nothing more I could ask for! *I smoke, I drink, I fuck...Im a mothers worst nightmare *Inspired by Marilyn Monroe *Gamer Chick *Comic Book Geek *I have NO shame *Im LOUD by
23 - Male
#102. electric_x 681
is thinking...hmmm is it a gift is it a curse life on this earth?? Come on in, shut the door take a seat an di'll begin... i hate all girls with material motives thats why im 20+ years old no sons nooo daughters. At first when we meet i come across shy and lonely,even sweet. but ones im out my shel
0 - Female - NY
#103. YourEmoWhore 680
My name is Jordan :] I'm very shy in person, but for some reason, very outgoing online. I love music and my guitar. I love to sing, and dance around in my undies..that is..when I wear any..I really don't like clothes lol. I don't believe in telling just ANYONE you love them. I like to lick & bite
18 - Female - MN
#104. JHSgymnastQT 680
Heyy, my names *A*R*I*E*L*L*E* whats going on?? Well im the big ol' 17 years old now.. i luff gymnastics and dance.. and spendin lots of time with my crazy ass friends, and my awsome family! My fav show is Laguna Beach.. LC and LO are soo adorable!! and well stephen is just friggin hawt!!
20 - Female
#105. rachybaby86 678
~*~ Uni Dropout ~*~ What you see is what you get ~*~ Livin for the moment ~*~ Fuck all you hoes and all u playerz ~*~ Comment me ~*~ Heres the deal, wa i see is what i rate,if i dont rate you a X get over yourself :)and move on. Rate me what you fink i dnt giv a crap, lifes life u either got it or y
24 - Male - AB
#106. MoneyMike 677
Never again and never again they gave us two shots to the back of the head and we're all dead now..........
18 - Female - NY
#107. AdDicT3dx3o 677
ill fill this out later♥
18 - Male - TX
#108. afboxermodel 671
Hey whats up my names nick im me and ask for more.....finally got a it out...
24 - Female - IL
#109. Danielle 669
I've been too lazy to update this profile, so I really don't have much to say. I'm entering my second year of college as a game design student. ya rly. Also plz to note I am the girl in the \"join\" ad on the front page, in the orange-y pic. w00t I'm YBX famous. =P
26 - Male - PA
#110. Teddy507 668
Well am a great guy that loves to party and just have as much fun as I can. The girl in the pic is my EX, it is the only pic that I have on my computer so I had no choice but to put it on here.
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