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18 - Female
#41. Sther 907
Yeah, I love meet people, expecially boys and sexys girls. Do you think that I am a sexy girl? Im little bitch, really, I like it. I want to know more people all arround the world, and know, new places. I like to stay in topless in the beach, and fell the hot of the sun over my boobs, mmmm, do you l
27 - Male - OR
#42. loserboy4u 905
umm hi how u doin any one want to go to vages and get married p.s i have a cam if you want to see me live lol thats it if i see one more hot girl from Canada i moveing there
19 - Female - NS
#43. xlipgloss 894
Hey there! i'm ♥jOcelyn♥. i LOVE to partty, and just have a good time. i have 3 tats; my lip;bellybutton; and nipple pierced. I love any kind of music. Mostly punk/rOck. i'm a hairdresser..hmm WH00P! lOve the beach and surfing;football;raving;camping..etc. I'm always up for a good ti
21 - Female - IL
#44. SummerDoll 884
Not a model nor a pornstar. I may not be pretty to you either. What you see is what you get. Jr in College. Passionate. warm hearted. & Open-minded. Cordial.Fiesty.Blunt. A pianist.Pierced & Poked. Stubborn at times.|CaMe from UnderNeath your bed| Okay, Ok, maybe not. I\\'ll hang out with my fri
25 - Female - CA
#45. Tawnie 869
I love basically anything to do with water. I enjoy workingout,sunbathing,hanging with friends,loud music, dancing, camping, concerts, UFC lol.crazy shit right there!! ASK ME ANYTHING!!
19 - Female - FL
#46. K0NSTANTiNE 867
[well this time i'm not going to watch myself die] i'm lauren; i'm eighteen; i am not what you have already pegged me to be, because everyone has their own opinions of someone before getting to know them, i am nothing like you; i'm different from everyone you know & ever will know; i can be crud
21 - Female
#47. Bitter_Sweet 858
Things you need to know about me:)))))))))) I am a girl that you will never understand, label or define. Think what you want of me cause unlike most of you fucks I really dont care lol .. Im the same girl I am in my sweats with my hair up as I am out in the club doin my thing.. dont make the mistak
19 - Female - ON
#48. unxloved 852
the names xtina;;SEXsmith. no one gets me except my best girl lil.sats. I LOVE HER TO DEATH. no one can take her place. if you dont like me, dont msg me. cause i dont really care what you have to say. im a nice person till you piss me off. i love meeting new people. and i HATE guys who only w
18 - Female - BC
#49. wakeborder69 846
19 - Female - NY
#50. damaged3131 842
I am outspoken yet shy, loyal, lonely, misunderstood, violated, jealous, impatient, independant, reliable, honest, understanding, insecure, depressed yet happy, fucked up, attention craving,sado, believer, motivated, tease, cold, short, whore, uncomfortable in my own skin, trustworthy, abused, artis
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