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24 - Female
#51. LXndra 838
Let me introduce myself. I am Alexandra, mostly known as Alex. \"With experience comes wisdom, without experience how will we ever understand the world and the people around us?\" I'm the kind of person who always loves to laugh. I like to make friends with whom ever i can, that's just who
21 - Female - OK
#52. Sutherncharm 837
As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let you down ...probably will. You will have your heart broken, probably more than once, and it's harder every time. You'll break hearts, so remember how it felt when yours was broken. You'll fight with your best frien
20 - Female - PA
#53. MeoW3786 836
My name is Brittany. I'll be 21 in March :) I go to school for Massage Therapy and I'll be graduating in May. I work at T.G.I. job is so much fun, I actually look forward to it most of the time. I'm really random. I love to party, go shopping, go to the movies...I do the best pterod
0 - Male - PA
#54. devil123 831
19 - Female
#55. punkprincess 830
Hii my names Missa. Im 19. Im an Aussie. I have my tongue and lip pierced. I HAD blonde and black hair, tis all black again, i just dont have a camera any more :(. Im special, like frogs are special. Im in love with my muffin! Sarah will always be my bestest mate. I work at KFC part time, w00, not.
20 - Female - ND
#56. Jess2005 825
Hey, my name's Jessica. I love playing sports and keeping busy. I play basketball and softball but I'm better at sotball. LOL I've been voted on the *all star* team for three years now! I love hanging out with my friends, especially Lindsay who's more like my sister than my best friend. I'm kin
20 - Male - SC
#57. silencio 819
I may not be pretty, but I'm a real fucking person and I have a conscience. Don't like me? Then don't like me. You are what you are regardless of what you try to be. Fish cannot carry guns. Don't give me sympathy X to try to make me feel good about myself. I don't need my life validated by fuck
23 - Female - ON
#58. Flirtz_a_lot 815
Hey, my name is Tiffini! I am an amatuer photographer who LOVES to dance, watch movies, club & drink every so often, be with my friends & family and just act like my goofy self!
18 - Female - TX
#59. insanemunki 810
HI!!!! *hugs you* I am nina hehehe my friends sometimes call me niener wiener or some other embarrassing name i will not mention but yea its all good tho. I am a big dork butt (hahaha i said butt) but yea my friends like it though hehehehe hell yea i want to mudd wrestle right now bring it on biotc
20 - Female - IN
#60. PhUcK_BudDy 805
[◊]Jaymi/Jaymison/Jaymez/j-me/Jame[◊]20 but still feel like a \"confused teen\"[◊]I love hangin out w/ my homie (lol) Bill[◊]Firm believer of Fate and Destiny[◊]watchin scary movies since before i could read[◊]I sing really loud in my car[◊]I have a secret o
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