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18 - Female - TX
#71. fookme_plz69 747
name's Mikayla. I'm gay, lesbian, homo, faggot, queer, whatever you wanna call me. I'm proud of my sexuality, wether you like it or not.I love girls,everything about girls is fascinating.. Get over it.I go to school. I know how to have a good time. I'm a huge dork. I can be a blond
19 - Female - IL
#72. numbemotions 744
About: [[Erika]] [[5'4\" ]] [[125#]] If you'd like to know, ask!
22 - Female - NY
#73. mistic00mami 741
...Im a funny person like to go clubbin partys an walks hang out with the girls every week end gotta love shoppin.....i have a 4 year old son so im still a kid some times at heart he's my every thing.... i stay in syracuse up state ny single, im down to earth most the time always smilein i dont
19 - Male
#74. mistafox 740
modeling, design ,bmx,snowboard,photography.i like punk music ,electronic,heavy metal,death metal,deep house and all kind a shit and h3re !s LitTl3 list of my pl4ylist : 1. Little Brother - On and on (3:59) 2. Blueprint - Mr. Hyde (4:18) 3. Justus League - Altitudes(Flyin\
18 - Female
#75. x0xZoEx0x 740
Everyone, please pray for Manuela (Manny) Catalina (Cat) Sanchez! She was hit by a car the night of July 28th! She is out of ICU, but still in the hospital! Thank you SO MUCH for all your prayers I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!------------------------------------------------------------------------------
20 - Female - FL
#76. xSarahx 737
Im sarah, I like normal things such as sleeping and eating! Im currently studying cosmetology and its loads of fun! I would say im pretty down to earth and i have an awesome sense of humor :) ill laugh at just about anything! Im with my all time favorite boyyyyy CODY who i love to pieces!! I try t
18 - Female - MB
#77. vowofsilence 737
This distance,this disillusion,I cling to memories,while falling,sleep brings release,and the hope of a new day,waking the misery,of being without you...hey I'm Kristi, that's my bestest friend Lindsay with me in the last picture. I'm not 18. I'm very shy until I get to know you. I'm a hopeless
25 - Male - NY
#78. noside 737
Im dominican..... I love playin basketball (my passion) Im easy to get along with, when not messed with..... I like to go to the movies, just chill with my friends.... ya know having a good time..... wanna know more hit me up... Im the guy who says whats on my mind, dont care who you are... If i don
18 - Male - CA
#79. JOSHYPOO 736
I have an underwater camera just in case I drive my car into the ocean, and at the last minute I see a photo opportunity of a fish that I have never seen. I am the guy that steals your sock out of the dryer. I once wrestled a family of polar bears. Contrary to popular belief, they are not cute and c
20 - Female - TX
#80. KourtNi 736
Kourtni. 20. Sophomore in college. Criminal Justice major. Graduating in May with my Associates. Pretty excited about that. Then I'm going to take a break. Go on a roadtrip with someone super special. And then we'll figure out everything from there. Hopefully find a new home to live in. Sta
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