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19 - Female - IL
#91. KaraMarie 701
Hello Everyone, my name is Kara. I'm very outgoing and down to earth. I love to go out and party, drink and get crazy, but at the same time i know when enough is enough. I will be attending cosmetology school in about 3 weeks, and after that im packing up my bags and moving to Cali with my best fri
19 - Female - ON
#92. Ghett0_Glam0 699
aright listen up, this is me, im 19, ima shawty 5\\'3, 8 piercings- 3 ears - web - right & left nipps - belly - my lil pink pearl, 1 tatoo, ........... 2 s0meone special......... (¯`·._.·~... All Ĕýë§ 0n Y0u... ~·._.·´¯) ......... n thas the way it should B.... soo
21 - Female - TX
#93. KacieAlexis 698
i*m kacie and i*m 20 years old.i*m 5\\'5, have brown hair,& baby blue eyes(i think they look satanic,but everyone says they*re angelic..go figure)i have 5 tats,& a monroe, lebret, and tongue piercings.I have a habit of callin people by other peoples names. LipGLozz/Panties/Pictures are my fetishes.
19 - Male - AK
#94. wantslove69 697
18 - Female
#95. 69_HaHa_69 695
Hello :D My names Alicia. I am a very load person sometimes annoying but ya gotta laugh! Love all my friends and family. Girl in the pic i am groping is my babe! lol. She my gorgeous cousin .. Love her so much:P
18 - Female - ON
#96. stef_2003 694
Hello, my names Stef,im half swedish and half english, im into heavy music, my fav band is linkin park, others are Godsmack, System of a down, korn, static-x, deftones, zombie ,slipknot, Nirvana, and more, i have a awesome bf named corey...YER THE BEST!!
18 - Female - FL
#97. dymndprncess 694
Hi my name is Michelle I am 5'6 I like playin pool, 4 wheeling and just about any thing outside
19 - Male - OH
#98. varsityftb2 694
if you wanna know just IM me
18 - Female - NV
#99. FreddyKruegr 690
well im sure you already have some idea of who i am by the way i look. but really you have no idea at all. i am both simple and complex. but i garuntee that i am nothing like you. i wont suffer, be broken get tired, or wasted or surrender to nothin. i will never bother you, i will never
26 - Male - CA
#100. bigwillie84 686
I'm will, i'm 23 I race my car, i surf, i go clubbing, i party and i'm a big flirt. My eyes are grey which were was an aoptiont hats why it says other. I'm half mexican half white and fluent in español. If ya wanna know more holla at me shawwwttty! (dorky white guy talk)
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