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23 - Female - CT
#1. ihateyouBaby 9.66
< 3 a s h l e y : : a r c a n e I'm poor and I'm weird, baby.. you got no time for me. ;)
20 - Female - BC
#2. babygyalzoe 9.29
jus ya average girly dat luvs shoppin, dancin, boiiz, seein her girlies, pink, bein wif er sexay bf Nas, pretty nails, n avin a laff!! ive jus cum bk frm wrkn in turkey where i was a kids rep n had da most amazin tym eva!
20 - Female - WI
#4. tacotuesday 9.54
I'm Sarah Rae. And I Rock.
24 - Female
#5. LXndra 9.73
Let me introduce myself. I am Alexandra, mostly known as Alex. \"With experience comes wisdom, without experience how will we ever understand the world and the people around us?\" I'm the kind of person who always loves to laugh. I like to make friends with whom ever i can, that's just who
24 - Female - CA
#6. Tblossom 9.27
I guess this section:"​about me" will have to be a work in progress because I´m not sure how to answer this objectively.​ But here is a beginning: Humanoid resident of Sol III, Milky Way Galaxy height:163cm​ weight: 50kg hair: blonde eyes: blue complexion: pale id ma
0 - Female - NY
#7. kandydevil 9.76
22 - Female - MA
#8. splendid 9.16
SUP? I'm Heather. I'm 22 years old and reign from western Massachusetts. I go to Bridgewater State College for Social Work. I've already got my Associates for Human Services and I plan to get my Masters degree at some point. I am pretty sarcastic, but I try to be nice at the same time so it so
20 - Female - MA
#9. I_spit_venom 8.74
My Name Is Kayla I am 20 Years Old and Love it I Am Single & Hate It I Love Photography I want to go to cosmetology school Im addicted To music and Nestea lemon Iced Tea I live In Ma, But Want to Move To NY I Love Hockey..Ok I lust it I tend to smile all the time Im a smart Ass Im a bigger
19 - Female - KY
#10. lovelovelove 9.33
I'm Marilyn Monroe's reincarnate. Duh.
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