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22 - Female - CA
#111. mIzSeXyLAdyA 9.78
Confessions: I am perfectly imperfect.I only respect people who act like themselves!Looking forward to things is half the pleasure in having them.Imagination is more important than knowledge.My family means the world to me.My dream is to give my kids everything I never had.Speak when you are angry a
19 - Female - ON
#112. Megzyn 9.5
-My name is Meghan -I love the outdoors and playing sports -I like meeting new people and make new friends -Love my family
20 - Female - MD
#113. Terrorstarr 9.18
I've always had a hard time filling in these about me sections of a profile. How do you truly tell someone else about something you're only beginning to learn yourself? So, I generally leave a few quotes from people who have put into words better than I ever could, about pieces of who I am, and I\
19 - Female - OR
#114. abraxas 9.34
I've been known to run around in the rain with glow sticks in my hair. I pee in the woods. I am not a lady and will not pretend to be one for you. I will kick you in the face. if you can't deal with underground raves or hypnotic dance parties, then get lost and don't waste my time.
21 - Female - CA
#115. reeeeaaaally 8.91
Hi my name is Cait! I am currently working towards my degree in veterinary science while working at a clinic as a receptionist.. haha. I love the outdoors so you can mostly find me in a tree err something.. if you're looking?
24 - Female - OH
#116. toxictears_x 9.51
20 - Female - NY
#117. slinkerzz 9.10
oh hey, im skylar as far as you know anyway. im pretty sweet for the most part, until you screw me over in one way or another. i have this really stupid slight lisp that i just semi-recently found out about? the song mutt by blink-182 is basically the story of my life im going to be a pro photograph
22 - Female - PA
#118. pammypoo2229 9.01
Right now I work at a local store and plan on going back to school in the fall to be an ultrasound tech.
21 - Female - NE
#119. falopiantube 9.26
I attend a small Christian college where I play softball and run cross country. I'm a biology major with a psychology minor.
22 - Female - KY
#120. babythug2402 7.31
I just moved here to Richmond Kentucky and I want to get to know some people!!
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