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18 - Female
#121. MaoZedong 9.28
18 - Female - IL
#122. destiny_01 9.64
Hmm lets see well i wild... I have eight peircings...i like to have fun..I party, go clubbing,go to streets with friends, dance, sing lol but i have a really big romantic side to me I love cuddling and just being with someone...I love to write poems and play the guitar
19 - Female - TX
#123. Gutter_Slut 9.58
Well lets see here...I'm Mystie and I'm white thats about all you need to know lol just kidding. I'm 19 years old and I live in Texas...again. I like boys and I like girls, like most whores like me do!
20 - Female
#124. shawtybaby 10
I am slim, sexy, timid, very enticing, very charming girl, I am russian and I am a bit capricious, spoilt, love teddy bears
18 - Female - TN
#125. katelatex 8.1
21 - Female
#126. mrssmiley 8.76
my names marie i am 21 years old from pontypridd in sunny south wales. i am a mother to a gorgeous baby girl who i love to bits and wouldnt change for world. i have a lovely boyfriend that i also love to bits he makes me happy. i like to go raving and have a good stomp and get messy with all my ravi
18 - Female
#127. Raqueelx 8.83
I am a student it ontario. i enjoy singing, dancing in the rain on a warm summer evening and art.
18 - Female
#128. baibee_gabby 9.73
~Gabriella a.k.a Gabby, Diva, Queen G, G-Unit's First Ladee...hehe ~Age ain't nothing buh a numba n Goin down ain't nuthin buh a thing... ~Born in Calgary, Raised in Edmonton/Ottawa, Currently residing in Tha O.T.T. ~Lovin tha single life!!...buh who knows for how long...*someone's* taming my
22 - Female - TN
#129. astronggurl 9.48
23 - Female - LA
#130. TuMuchStyle 9.15
I'm Jamie Renee'. I am a cosmetologist. I work at style america and i am also on the artistic team. That's y i have TU MUCH STYLE! LOL. I am a lesbian. I'm a very honest and blunt person. Don't ask my opinion if u don't want the thruth.
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