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    18 - Female - TX
    #141. masochistic 9.39
    About: I am an artist. I am a Wiccan. I have 28 pets; 6 turtles (baby Red Eared Sliders), 4 fish (2 goldfish and 2 bottom feeders), 5 Guinea Pigs (Elvis, Mouse, Smore, Sakura-Baby, and Ginger-Baby), 3 dogs, 6 Cats and 1 kitten
    18 - Female - VA
    #142. LilolBrandy 9.51
    Hi my names Brandy N im real - Thats all u need ta kno! **i lOve sexi boyz!** *****Don't let somebody be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option *im sry if dont dont look like a pornstar-- Not! -Check it out!
    21 - Female - TX
    #143. rhythm 0
    26 - Female - MN
    #144. mryjn143 8.73
    I am a 26 year old female in a relationship. I am currently searching for anyone who is interested in watching us have sex or videotape us having sex. NO JOINING. If interested leave me a message.
    22 - Female
    #145. Purgatori 9.26
    What is there to say? My body and brain function somewhat normally. I like pie... Music is good too.
    20 - Female - WV
    #146. 1hotmomma 8.43
    I'm tall,blonde, and I have blue eyes. I have 2 toddlers. One girl and one boy. I enjoy music and dancing. I'm a nurse in a nursing home. Im single and tired of it. I hate liers, cheaters, and drugs. Want to know more? Just ask...
    18 - Female - ON
    #147. mardi_gras 9.55
    i'm at college right now taking a photography program and i absolutely love it. i love hockey and the occasional spliff. i'm pretty easy to get along with, don't be shy.
    19 - Female - ON
    #148. cici_321 9
    I love to go horse riddin hang and meet new friends, im nice, kind, funny. just ask wat u wanna know.
    23 - Female - FL
    #149. BabyxXxGurl 9.70
    Single 21f, I have blonde hair and blue eyes, I have a tattoo on my lower back and im very tan. I love to go out and have a good time. I am currently in college, and also playing basketball there. I love to do just about anyting, i like the outdoors, anything really. Im and easygoing laid back girl.
    22 - Female - NJ
    #150. XculpateLust 9.68
    Name is Jessica, i'm a volunteer emt/firefighter, and i'm a professional cosmetologist. Want to know more, just ask me.
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