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21 - Male
#161. niv_s 5.5
22 - Male - MO
#162. OFloppy 9.55
Whats crackin? My names Kyle. I'm a 21 year old skinny 6'3 motherfucka!! I live in a boring town in Missouri, People alway say after they get to know me,\" is wow your a really great person.\" Looks aren't everything Well anyways i'm a laid back sorta guy, down to earth easy to get along with. N
20 - Male - IN
#163. anno03 8.97
My name is Adam and I am from southwest Indiana. I am one of the most loveable and honest guys that you will ever meet! I love all types of sports, mainly basketball, baseball and football. Music is important to me. I love everything from rock to country. Kenny Chesney and Garth Brooks are awes
25 - Male - AR
#164. retardedmonk 9.33
Hey whats up new to site www.myspace/chuckg23 also
18 - Male - NJ
#165. StrikeLogan 9.75
Welcome to my Masquarade.. Reveal my Mask, Tell me what you see?Im More complex than you think, I am the True definition of\"looks can be deceiving\"Im Shy at first, But once you get to know me.You'll see How im a thrill seeker, And i hope you can keep up.I live my life in the edge, but maintain
23 - Male - OR
#166. pimpnho420 9.6
I'm shy, quiet, and smart. I've had a girlfriend for the past year. I dont like talking about myself much. Especially when I dont know what to say. If you're curious about me, just ask me a question.
18 - Male - ON
#167. closetmonstr 8.89
I am Brandon. I drink I smoke i ROCK
19 - Male - OR
#168. wallnuts 9.77
hi my name is chris im 19 i live in grants pass OR well i go to collage and work and screw around for the rest of the day i am now single as of may 27 and i find it funny what some guys say to try to get the girl on here...going to india on june 24 haahha
22 - Male - PA
#169. witmo22 9.63
resident of the greatest fucking hick town in the state of pa. im a soldier. i would die for our country's way of life in a heartbeat. i spennt the year of 2005 in iraq. i drink too much. im a shitty driver. i cant talk to girls for the life of me. im emotional. i apparently suffer from post traum
40 - Male - CA
#170. ROFLCOPTER 6.34
alright kiddos k
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