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25 - Male - TN
#171. TaTTooeD 7.42
new2 Tennessee i moved here start of this yr from Georgia, i miss GA dont get me wrong i lived alot of my life there and i was born in KENTUCKY and now im in TN and honestly its just a slower pace of lifestyle here comparred to GA were i was at and know how the life is there i lived it, what can i s
18 - Male - PA
#172. JackRobotron 9.39
The names Jack Robot, I live off of brutal beatdown hardcore fucking breakdowns. I'm the most real person you will ever meet, I won't feed you bullshit, I will no longer deal with anyones drama, I'm an Certified Auto Mechanic, Musician, I love the outdoors, I have few friends, Because it takes fo
18 - Male - MO
#174. dantheman007 10
I'm from kansas city. i played baseball football and ran track during high school. im going to UCM currently. I'm a really passionate guy but not looking for a longterm relationship at the moment
28 - Male - NY
#175. obneopeehon 0
18 - Male - NJ
#176. andrewk 7.56
I'm about 6'3\", 200 pounds, I work out obsessively and have what many have referred to as a perfect physique. I have an oft-admired tan complexion and hair that is the envy of males around the globe. My facial features; I think my Abercrombie ads and GQ covers speak for themselves. I'm actua
31 - Male - BC
#177. Tempter 9.50
Judge me for yourself
25 - Male
#178. blofish 0
19 - Male - CT
#179. prince6 9.34
im a laid back person. that loves to have fun and spend time with my love ones and friends. i love to play football and go to the boxing ring. eneything else you would like to know get back at me
18 - Male
#180. OmgLasersPew 10
Long bus journeys with music, profanity where needed, Nickelback, full battery on ipod, System Of A Down, rainy weather, night sky, cereal with milk, Sum 41, skydiving, friends & fun, football on a rainy night, Pineapple + Coconut juice, Tower Bridge, Lost Prophets, long walks, raging hormones, Link
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