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24 - Female - FL
#21. xxSIMPLExx 9.70
I am a lot of fun. xx
18 - Female - MO
#22. deep_silence 9.29
i wanna be a rock star!! i'm loud and obnoxious when i need to be, but quiet and shy most of the time. i love love love emo boys. i'll cry a river with all of u!!! i love rock concerts and mosh's all good and fun. *sigh* i live in a dream that won't ever come true, yet it's always the
21 - Female - GA
#23. _victor 8.25
19 - Female - NS
#24. bdur 0
i don't even like this site. has anyone on here heard of facebook? or are you just living under a rock? oh right that's it.. this site's for those who have no friends & would rather waste time putting fake pictures on a site for strangers to comment on, and do god knows what else. wow big s
23 - Female - PA
#25. Breylie 9.20
Name: Sally Occupation: Post-undergraduate student in Limbo Major and Minors: Spanish, Botany and Ecology Hopes and dreams: Growing up, Creating an artistic masterpiece, Dancing and not looking like an idiot, Travel the world, Make a cd, find someone who can accept me, become a professional, Lear
25 - Female - IL
#26. MissSnout 9.72
My myspace
23 - Female - MI
#27. No_Comment 9.73
x My name is Jaime x I'm a bartender/manager x I'm currently not going to school, but plan to go back soon x I'm not on here to meet new people persay, I really just come on for the forum x Don't ask for my aim msn or yahoo, because I won't give it to you
18 - Female - AB
#28. antigoddess 9.72
20 - Female
#29. NotForYou 9.77
Im Lexi, If you wanna know anything about me, just ask
39 - Female - CO
#30. sexyjeannie 9.48
Who am I?? Well that can be pretty complicated if you really think about it. Im kinda what they call a very \"different\" person.. I am not your average jane shmo... I like to argue back, analyze and I dont change my mind for no one. If you tell me its black I want to know why.. And wont shut up unt
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