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20 - Male - PA
#21. the1andonly 9.78
�Name is �Jay� � Hit me up sometime. Peace. I'm not on here much so get at my myspace..
21 - Male - NJ
#22. HotJerzyGuy 9.46
Im currently in college, taking a double major in Criminal Justic and Homeland Security. I also work doing acting and dj. I write music on the side with my boys, mostly r&b sum hiphop.
19 - Male - CA
#23. JadeRover 7.73
does any1 really read this? well just in case.... to sum myself up in 2 words... I'm Me dont like it? i dont care. i joined up cause i was curious to see the outcome. if i happen meet some ppl then great. if not then its to be expected. as it says above im athletic, i love to play sports. and that
40 - Male - WI
#24. rangerrandy 8.45
roses r red, violets r blue, just lookin for someone 2 want /love me 2. i give 100% ,now i would like some back
21 - Male
#25. wascool 9.47
So its a saturday morning and i've woken up way too early. So i thought i would join this website. I'm a fulltime student and work at a record store. I play guitar and sing in a band. I drink coffee in the mornings.... I'm not here for sexy time, just chatting and nice stuff.
20 - Male
#26. hsky 9.39
Listen the drums...
18 - Male
#27. leelad03 7.37
Hello I'm Lee, I live in Huyton in Liverpool uk! *SCOUSE LAND* lol :P.... im 22, i have a good job as a Support worker. If that falls through then i have a qualification in Engineering to fall back on. :P yes i have my head screwed on. I do have a lovely boy called Liam he is lovely and takes
26 - Male - VA
#28. shyguy81 9.59
Honestly there is alot about me in general, I love to make people laugh... I'm always up for doing whatever and usually will do whatever as long as I know I can have fun... I'm always there for somebody if they need me, I'm always putting people before myself... Chillin in Va for the time being
22 - Male - VA
#29. MonkeyManolo 9.38
pretty out going guy, try to make friends everywhere i go. i like meeting new people. i love messin around with cars, bikes, sports computers, anything. i wanna travel the world, but ive only been to spain which is where im from and i love to visit.
34 - Male - TX
#30. Talamascaa 8.71
I'm an actor from Dallas Texas.
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