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19 - Female
#31. euthyphro 0
26 - Female - PA
#32. jennyblue 9.32
My name is jenny i live in pittsburgh eww. I hate it here but what can u do. I have two doggs and a cat I love them so much.I am here to meet new people have a convo. I am your typical female like hangin out with friends, goin on the net, goin to the mall, writing poetry and etc. Anything else you w
23 - Female - PA
#33. Leann 8.20
My friends call me Lee but you can call me tonight. ;-)
18 - Female - CA
#34. stfu 0
18 - Female - ON
#35. MissDani 8.63
Hey, Me? I'm energetic, bubbly fun person.. most the time. My friends are at the centre of my world & are incredibley important to me. If I don't know you well, I'm quiet & shy. Get to know me and take the time to listen & you'll soon find out I'm not so quiet anymore. I love getting to
18 - Female - CT
#36. X_shutdown_X 9.30
Im pretty much a chill girl i drink and smoke and party every weekend...its kinda my thing....dnt fuck with me or my friends cuz ull get it twice as hard as u gave
22 - Female - NJ
#37. EricaJames 0
Alrighty, perhaps it time for alittle information about me. I'm Brazilian and Puerto Rican. Im extremely open minded, independant and carefree. I am very spontaneous and usually down for anything interesting. I am more about long term happiness rather than instant gratification. I love my friends a
19 - Female - FL
#38. KiMMyHiGGaZ 9.69
im sexxi lol
18 - Female - IL
#39. Bonjour_Mlle 9.68
My name is Sarah. I am an over-acheiver, I guess you could say. I graduated High School early even with an infant. I am currently attending Joliet Junior College getting my Gen Eds finished up. I'm currently majoring in Nursing. I'm transferring to St. Francis University next Fall to get my Master
20 - Female - NY
#40. shay_rossi69 0
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