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20 - Female - MD
#41. _N_E_D_E_N_ 9.69
*Liz *BOMBSHELL *Age 20 *Model *Graduate of Kenwood and Sollers Point *Cosmetologist * the best guy ever..nothing more I could ask for! *I smoke, I drink, I fuck...Im a mothers worst nightmare *Inspired by Marilyn Monroe *Gamer Chick *Comic Book Geek *I have NO shame *Im LOUD by
19 - Female - TX
#42. XoSaraoX 8.62
Sara,19, my bestfriend is joe i dont know where I would be with out him he has been thier for me alot and I am verry lucky to have him as a frined and joe i just want to say I love you my lil hoe. I just am back in texas for those of you who know me but for those of you who didnt know i was in Savan
20 - Female - TX
#43. phenomana 0
Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.
18 - Female
#44. muffffin 8.68
18 - Female - MD
#45. BrokenInside 9.61
My name is Chelsea. My birthday is May 27. I love black + purple + green. I LOVE RAINBOWS. I go to parkville high. I'm funny and nice. I play volleyball for my highschool. I LOVE rock music, all kinds. I love playing the guitar. I have 4 holes in each ear. I want my lip, nose and eyebrow
20 - Female
#46. iLoveFruits 0
21 - Female - NY
#47. ChunkiMunki 8.84
Im just a relaxed and Mellow Person..I Love to sing, act,dance, and play my guitar...i'm into all kinds of music, but mostly listen to alt Rock...and thats pretty much it...if ya really wanna know me check out or message me!!
18 - Female - NJ
#48. UndrMyShadow 9.41
I'm Krystin.I'm 17. I'm different from the other girls i'm a real chill person I dont get mad to easily and i take jokes.I swear. I like to beat up the boys because I can. I love music. I play the guitarI can be a hopeless romantic. I still like flowers. Vanilla is my favorite scent. I'm short
18 - Female - FL
#49. BabiiLove528 9.06
My name is Sierra! Im 18.. I have an Amazing bf his name is Luke! i love to go shopping.. bowling.. partying.. the usual!
20 - Female
#50. roseandpearl 9.83
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