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0 - - CT
#71. ScriptPlague 0
22 - Male
#72. cristme 8.23
fun inteligent rich handsom tall :)))))))
22 - Male
#73. david_1986 0
20 - Male - MD
#74. b18cR 9.55
okay hi everyone, about me.6 foot 2, 170 ibs I live in severn but im never around here, i drive an integra (i dont care what u have my cars better) im not a gangster im CERTAINLY not no fucking wigger god ppl like that get on my nerves im not a goth im not a punk im no emo kid im me, anything else y
29 - Male - MD
#75. specialk1984 9.23
Hola, werd, dis be keith, spin dis, toke then smoke. Your ass betta be no joke. Lax, music and mountain biking aka walks in parks, camping, festies, parties, raves, clubs and pubs. My hope is an inner most conception in your eyes. I always feel lonely and unloved so i express my true ways in other
21 - Male
#76. serg 9.80
fill this out l8r... myspace....
26 - Male - FL
#77. kaoken5678 7.3
My name is Nigel, i'm 5'9 atlethic build. I like to go to the beach, i love any and all sports expecially Football. Some of my passsions include Reading(cause u can never have too much knowledge), writing poetry, sports, Road trips, travelling the world ect. To be continued.....
19 - Male
#78. ckys_bushman 9.76
Rebels forever, check out the forum .hi im peter,i live in glasgow. I play the guitar and drums and love all sorts of music. I love rock and metal music, my fave band is guns and roses. Feel free 2 comment thanx peter.
21 - Male - CA
#79. krazykap2001 9.29
suck my cock. and eat my ass hairs. its a delicacy, belive me, i've done both. are we near the airport or is my cock taking off??? ¢¾¢¾¢¾¢¾¢¾¢¾¢¾¢¾¢¾¢¾¢ Loving you is like a broken pencil there is no point! I prefer to be in love than to have lost love. You mean the w
23 - Male - OH
#80. ImAFake2004 9.65
Drinking, Riding BMX, Soccer, Snowboarding, Music like The Used,Taking Back Sunday, Sublime, Yellowcard, Underoath, Hawthorne Heights, and many more. Anything else you wanna know then just im me and ask.
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