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20 - Female - PA
#91. despondency 9.58
If we could kill anyone, anyone at all and get away with it. We would kill anyone....anyone at all.
20 - Female - PA
#92. jazel_eyez 8.74
Name: Jennifer Nic: Boo-Boo or Jezabelle Zodiac: Aries I love to laugh and make people laugh, I am open-minded, can be bitchy at times, love to hang out with my friends and love meeting new people. I love my girlfriend ashleigh!!!!!
21 - Female - NY
#93. spitxitxout 7.76
Im Talana, im 20, recently single.. just bored looking to kill some time :-)..i work fulltime,have my own apartment my own new car.. and all that fun stuff.. i love all i kinds of music..and im an artist of all kinds.. anything else.. ask
22 - Female
#94. xXKeitaXx 9.53
im a gypsey, im stubborn, im random, i love music, i hate feet, im scared of the ocean but i love it just the same, im a camera wh*re but lack self confidence, i can be a royal pain in the a$$ if im not high, im tone sensitive, i am spiring to be a tattoo artist, im fluent in sarcasim a
21 - Female
#95. mzstreetfame 9.38
LISTEN UP FUCK WIT YES IM A LESBIAN Dont message RANDOM shit. Claiming u can Turn me straight! Rate or hate me either way ur still voting me! yOu thiink you know, but you got no fuckiin idea. The names Rah-Rah, Rita if you wanna get all techincal. Diverse in every sence. FrOm fashion, music,
18 - Female - FL
#96. MrEoGcAkNs 9.62
19 - Female - ON
#97. ImSoNice 7.66
19 - - PA
#98. miserableemo 9.51
So, I had one of these before and somehow it got deleted... I'm mean, if you don't want an honest vote, then don't vote for me. I WON'T sugarcoat ANYTHING for you. If your uly, it's doubtful that I'll vote on your site thing... DON'T send me messages telling me how pretty I am, it gets o
18 - Female
#99. alana-D 9.64
I'm an American girl but i live in Swiss (EU)! I'm looking for nice guys...! You want to know more..ask me..! :D My english isn't very good...but i'll try to understand your messages!
21 - Female - ON
#100. liquidxfire 9.58
I couldn't even begin to explain myself in this tiny box, i'm easygoing, fun to hangout with, I am a HUGE lover of video games, I play acoustic guitar and the drums in spare time, which is all the time for me! ;D
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