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19 - Male - AL
#91. cheino33 9.72
myspace is better
21 - Male - SC
#92. Frebis 6.97
Hmmmm.... I hate describing myself.... but let's see. I like to think that I'm nice and very friendly. I'm shy, and timid, but am very active once I get to know you. I go to a military college in the south and currently a sophomore and study computer science (yep, I'm a nerd). Anyways, if you
23 - Male - MS
#94. syxeight 9.64
life's a bitch in miniskirts with big breasts so how can I not flirt with death
22 - Male
#95. super_sexy_s 9.80
Howdy people my name is Sean. I live in sunny old England... (that was my sarcasm) i have a twin bro (cute_chris) so its all good. I like football, soccer to the other people and cricket. I love all sports really. I also love my food and sleep. I like hanging out with my mates and going to partys an
22 - Male
#96. spulber 5
24 - Male - ND
#97. stillnotdone 6.95
i like to have some fun. if ur not an upbeat person than ur just going to bring me down and thats not cool. i can get along with alot of people but if smell bullshit im gonna call u on it. and if anyone actually reads this than u have alot of time on ur hands and must love a dude with a fake leg, so
26 - Male
#98. mindfuck 7.62
Born the son of a flyfisherman and Zeus, childhood was unkind to me. So I kicked it in the scrotum and watched blood spray out of its mouth from the sheer force I generated with my god-like boot. I was later to grow older and may still be at which point I was told I was adopted by a stray dog when I
19 - Male
#99. shahmeerbal 10
18 - Male - CA
#100. mcstudmuffin 10
Hey, I'm Devon. I go to college, play football, and like to have fun.-
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