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Username: AfricanSoul OfflineTotal Votes: 132
Age: 21Rating: 9.594
Gender: MaleOverall Rank:
Sexuality: StraightSend Him An Instant Message
Status: Looking for Casual FlingAdd To Friends List
Height: 5'10"Leave This User a Comment
Body Type: Athletic AfricanSoul's Journal
Eye Color: Brown Available to members.
Hair Color: Black Available to members.
Location: amherst MA Available to members.
Country: United States Available to members.
Last Login: Jan 18 2017 11:14 Post Count: 0
About Me:
hi ya'll i am 21, 5'9, 200lbs, bald, brown eyes, i love to work out, lol not really, but i dont mind it. i am African/ghanain.. and a College athlete.. i attend the university of massachusetts amherst. im currently studying Sociology with a concentration of criminal justice and African American studies. with those two majors, i am looking towards working with the dea or fbi, or jus being a regular cop. My real goal in life is to become a famous R&B singer. Music is my love, and when i am done with school which should be in 2005, i will do my best to achieve that goal. i'm friendly, understanding, soulfull (lol) leave me a comment and ill 10ne you, ill probably 10ne you for visiting my
Turn Ons:
Humor, personality, can hold a conversation can take a joke, ambitious, goal oriented, motivating, honest, loves to have a good time, willing to try new things, spontaneous, I love Eyes, nice smile, Legs, butts, working out, loves to dance even if cant (i'll teach) and adventureous.. "Every man has an art.. mine is the art of sex.. im just waiting to paint my masterpiece" haha gotta love that one
Turn Offs:
smoking, biting nails, excessive vulgarity, unmotivating, no goals/ambition. unresponsible, dishonest and distrust. bad dancer when they think they are good.. and just plain rude or snobby. "miss i'm too good for everyone" yup
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