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Username: CudleLicious OfflineTotal Votes: 340
Age: 18Rating: 9.720
Gender: FemaleOverall Rank:
Sexuality: StraightSend Her An Instant Message
Status: MarriedAdd To Friends List
Height: 5'7"Leave This User a Comment
Body Type: Overweight CudleLicious's Journal
Eye Color: Blue Available to members.
Hair Color: Other Available to members.
Location: **OvA dA rAiNbOw In FaIrYfIeLd!!** OH Available to members.
Country: United States Available to members.
Last Login: Jan 18 2017 11:14 Post Count: 0
About Me:
Hey name is marie i am freshly 18.. wooo whoo Ne who for tho's who dont kno me. i am from the nasti nati.I am a real big DoRk i love 2 make people laugh!! I am a friendly person i would say.i love & care about everyone..My fam & friends & pets mean the world to me!! I would do ne thing for ne one if they needed me!I luv 2 haven fun, i luv doing new things & meeting new people.
Well dis is 4ever long an i kno alot of pple dnt give a fcuk so i am gonna say if u wanna kno more bout me jus holla i dnt BITE. HARD That is (jus nibble) LMBO check out my utta name beelicious87.HEY I got new's i got a new best friend she is an awesome sweet gorgeos gurl & u better go rate her & giv her an X 2 da 100 power cuz she so dersevs it her beautiful name is Melissa (PiecesMended) go rate her an X if not ull have 2 answer 2 me & tht wont be pretty!!
Turn Ons:
Shi'te turn ons wow where to start.. I love Eyes and a nice smile..PERSONALITY is a big turn on..I love wen a guy makes me laugh alot! guys tht smell and dress pretty good! i love the bum kinda look hoody an sweats papi papi teehe.A guy tht has morals an family values et. Oh "**MARINES**" army, NAVY!!,air force, etc...grr i love a guy who fights for our country..but its ok if u alot more turns me on but my booty doesnt feel like typen it all right now!! ill jus leave u guys in suspence and if it is killing u tht bad to kno jus im me and ask...I promise i wont bite hard...LMBO!!
Turn Offs:
DONT WORRY prob NOT U! I DONT GO FOR LOOKS SO YAH KNO!! BUT I DO (HATE) WELL I DONT LIKE THE WORD HATE BUT IT SOUNDS BETTER IN A SENTENCE THEN (DISLIKE)..nE WHO I HATE MEAN RUDE AZZ PRICKS WHO THINK THEY BETTER THEN PPL CZ THEY GOT A BETTER BODY OR SOO ON OR CUZ THEY GOT MORE MONEY AND BETTER CLOTHS..people who are ignorant and spitefull who dont care about others feeling when they arnt to good their selfs..! ne ways players haters,untrustworthy, people who dont believe in god! i wont dislike u if u dont,it jus turns me off...bad breath, stinky..Druggies alcoholics..there is ALOT more i jus dont feel like typing it all at the moment if u wanna know hit me up dont be shy now u hurr!!
corey469, 06:41PM, November 27, 2006 Add to friends Instant Message View Profile
corey469 u gotta be a virgin..why else would u bring it up huh??

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