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Username: PtotheStone OfflineTotal Votes: 22
Age: 21Rating: 9.409
Gender: MaleOverall Rank:
Sexuality: StraightSend Him An Instant Message
Status: SingleAdd To Friends List
Height: 5'10"Leave This User a Comment
Body Type: Athletic PtotheStone's Journal
Eye Color: Hazel Available to members.
Hair Color: Red Available to members.
Location: O-town is down NE Available to members.
Country: United States Available to members.
Last Login: Jan 18 2017 11:14 Post Count: 3
About Me:
I live in boaring omaha and get hella effed up for fun. I allready brought sexxy-back J.T., so go pee on a tree! Im cooler you so boo effin whoo! Anywho Im pretty big in the pants area and have a bangin personality. I go to metro community college and currently have a 4.0(fuck ya im smart). I also lost my job and my drivers liscense for a year so i sit around the house all day playing with myself..... its a hoot.
anything and everything.... mainly PEPPER. SUBLIME. CITIZEN COPE. RAP WHEN IM IN THE MOOD.
As for movies i like anything with brad pitt(id do him), i pretty much like alot of stuff but im also picky about movies when i go to the theatre(unless of course im with a lady friend, well i've never had one but i bet it would be nice.)
Turn Ons:
pretty face...nice ass. eyes that twinkle. food. Short walks on the beach followed by some sexual activities. cuddling. making out. massages. ya know the stuff that really matters.
Turn Offs:
bad smells. fatness. when a girl wants it in the ass(ewwww poopy dick LOL). gay guys. butch dikes. hairy chicks. ummmm stuck up bitches who think the're the shit. whatev!
LilolBrandy, 10:19PM, January 17, 2007 Add to friends Instant Message View Profile
LilolBrandy nope not kiddin
fandl450r, 06:01PM, November 04, 2006 Add to friends Instant Message View Profile
fandl450r Lincoln is going damn good lol. Yea I hear ya. You ever make it back down to Lincoln to party?
Ste_J, 07:42PM, October 31, 2006 Add to friends Instant Message View Profile
fandl450r, 06:15PM, October 25, 2006 Add to friends Instant Message View Profile
fandl450r Yea I did. Preston?
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