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Username: WOWKITTY69 OfflineTotal Votes: 135
Age: 18Rating: 9.640
Gender: FemaleOverall Rank:
Sexuality: BisexualSend Her An Instant Message
Status: Recently DumpedAdd To Friends List
Height: 5'0"Leave This User a Comment
Body Type: Thin WOWKITTY69's Journal
Eye Color: Brown Available to members.
Hair Color: Black Available to members.
Location: TOKYO Available to members.
Country: Japan Available to members.
Last Login: Jan 18 2017 11:14 Post Count: 0
About Me:
sexy girls email me, very cute guys try to get me. i like girls more lix lix. Im ferni. This is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this but I thought it might be fun. Let me know what you think. I’m thinking about letting you guys (& especially ***girls***) see even sexier pictures of me but I thought I’d see what kind of response I got from these first. I’m not as experienced as most girls are, I do know people appreciate a girl who will let them get a good look at her body. I figure there’s no real harm in you looking. And being that I hope you enjoy the pictures. If you do, email me& tell me what you think, okay? P.S. Women are strongly encouraged to respond as well. with pics even better. KITTYWOW@HOTMAIL.COM
Turn Ons:
sweet funny , talkative, daring, playful, nice eyes&smile,I like a simple style, but with taste. Good-looking, intelligent, sporty
Turn Offs:
negative people, boring, perverts,I don't care for cocky dudes ,Aggressive, overly-emotional, pushover, fast-moving,
Hardknock, 01:59PM, May 15, 2006 Add to friends Instant Message View Profile
Hardknock u livein Tokyo
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