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Username: XTwIsT3DXx OfflineTotal Votes: 214
Age: 18Rating: 9.591
Gender: FemaleOverall Rank:
Sexuality: BisexualSend Her An Instant Message
Status: Serious RelationshipAdd To Friends List
Height: 5'6"Leave This User a Comment
Body Type: Average XTwIsT3DXx's Journal
Eye Color: Hazel Available to members.
Hair Color: Blonde Available to members.
Location: Raleigh NC Available to members.
Country: United States Available to members.
Last Login: Jan 18 2017 11:14 Post Count: 1
About Me:
My names Hailey...and I love to party...and masturbate haha (Im really 16) damn...doesnt that suck? and I just love to have fun...but partying is basically my life. WoOt the guy that ive been waiting to ask me out for 3 fucking years asked me out!! and I love em to death and hes so sexy *StaticxCity* yall may think hes fucked up but fuck yall who think that...because hes the most WONDERFUL person ever...
Turn Ons:
Long hair on guys>People who Cuss to much>People who are freaks O.o>Sweet guys>Piercings>Tattoos>People who use fuck in every other sentence>(Dont ask why)>its pretty easy to turn me on>sexy tummys>Bondage>Cherries>Lots of things!!
Turn Offs:
Short hair on guys>People who sit on there ass and do nothing>People who rate people 1's when noone deserves a 1 because were ALL beautiful>Old pervs who hit on me>(Find it flattering sometimes)>Feet>lots more...
thechad_, 03:49AM, August 02, 2006 Add to friends Instant Message View Profile
thechad_ damn...ur bf is a lucky man
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