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Username: cRzY_baBi_23 OfflineTotal Votes: 153
Age: 18Rating: 9.633
Gender: FemaleOverall Rank:
Sexuality: BisexualSend Her An Instant Message
Status: Serious RelationshipAdd To Friends List
Height: 5'7"Leave This User a Comment
Body Type: Thin cRzY_baBi_23's Journal
Eye Color: Blue Available to members.
Hair Color: Blonde Available to members.
Location: Cottage Grove OR Available to members.
Country: United States Available to members.
Last Login: Jan 18 2017 11:14 Post Count: 11
About Me:
hey everybody this is whitney ( i had to say 18)!! but i live in cottage grove oregon.I go to CGHS-cottage grove high school!Im like in love with my sports TRACK VOLLEYBALL AND GYMNASTICS!!im very athletic.I really dont care what other people think about me really if they dont like me then they dont like me serisouly u can never win mentally imtoo strong no one can put me down i have tooo much self confidence so when ur leavin comments n stuff go ahead and say whutever cuz its not going to bother me.Ive been through sum hard times latley but ive worked em out so its all good now. Im really open with people i love talkin to anybody i get the opportunity to talk with. straight up im tellin ya im not the type of person that judges on looks or anything like that cuz its stupid. i really like to get to know u before i say or do anything.Yeah i got a boyfriend right now uhh i honeslty to tell the truth dont know how its going to last hes kinda acting weird. I wanna get to know some people and talk around and see if this is what i really want ( being in a realationship) cause i might find somthing better. I just want to be with someone who can be my best friend i can act myself around no matter what.. they need to except me for who i am and NEVER make me cry :( i hate it!!!theres a lot of people out there but im honestly not shur ive found the right person.i mean im askin how many of u out there are in a realationship that u think ur like sooo in love but reallyon the inside and ur the only one that really knows it is u want to see whats also there and jus not that person??so u can find out if thats whut u really want or not??????????i bet theres a lot.. sooooo.... yah .i have my belly button pierced my tongue and my ears twice.!I gotta have my music!! ~~~~~~i listen to rap hip-hop r&b,hardcore rock ,heavy metal all that good shit ya know! yah hmmm metalica,switchfoot,dashboard confessions,baby,face,eminem,dmx,g unit,nelly,westside connection,juvennile,jo jo,lil flip,ludacris,mario winans,christina milian,marques houston,master P,nivea,jagged edge,baby face,teedra moses,twista,usher,ying yang twins,young bloods,tech nine,young buck,brian mcnight,monica,slowjamz,montel jordan,50 cent,akon,B2K,blink 182,good charolette,busta rhymes,DJ petesy,DJ red,dr.dre,DMX,Xzibit,ja rule, 2PAC R.I.P baby!! :(,IMX,Jlo,R.kelly,Ll cool J,and on and on and on and on! :)~~~~~!!ive got 7 brothers N sistas hahahaha my dads a busy guy!Im pretty close to my sister not as much anymore becuase well uhh she thinks im tryin to take her boyfriend HOE!!(when shes the one who gave my boyfriend head when i was goin out with him ) whuta bitch hu!? but be4 any of that we were always sneakin outa our house n havin fun N shit this one time i remember we left and met our friends matt miles joe zach and troy at the end of our road and like split to matts house!! they had a 1/2 gallon of HRD vodka with cool-aid chaser hehe!! but we sat there and drank and drank and drank i was so sis was a lil but i was hella faded at first i couldnt feel that much but when it started to kick in ya know ym head was goin 1000 MPH i thought i was like flying n shit it was bad ass!!! i couldnt even walk or anything !! awww!! apparently i left a big hickie on miles neck ( I DOUBT THAT) but thats whut they said!! when me and em ( my sis) were gettin ready to go back home like i couldnt even walk they had to help me home :) hehe!! i puked all over miles going out of matts house! i felt really bad but yah .. i got it all over me it was NASTY! anyways they left half way down our street and it was upto me and em to get home from there by ourselves.. GREAT! ! ! I like tryed not to be drunk cause i knew i couldnt fuk it upso i tried really hard ( even though it didnt work haha) i tried anyways.. we got to her window and she got in first .. i got up to the window and everything was goin fine and i was pretty much in and FUCK! i broke her blinds they cum crashing down it was SOOOO loud it wasnt even funny...em was all pist off I couldnt help myself but laugh my ass off it was so funny OMG!!we jus laid there and no one came WE WERE LUCK MOTHER F'eRS!! but the next day we had school i told my dad i was hella sick I had the worst fuckin hang over it was crazy ... but I jus wanted to share like one of the best times in my life...!!!!!! :) hehe hope u liked..but i seriosuly wanna get to any of u so hit me up N we will talk alright LUVZ! hehe.well..... im hopein that this YBX thing works out for me it sounds pretty fun and i hope i can get to know some of u really good maybe be friends:)!! well thnx fur readin!! bUh bYE mUAHHZ~
Turn Ons:
~the way a guy/girl looks at u ~ ~Nice boDy~`TAN~ ~if their athletic~ ~lickin on the stomach ~ *woot woot* :) ~whats somone says and how they say it~ ~ RubbING on the inner thigh~ ~ bed RockIN~ :) ~muSIc~ ~good personality~ ~tongue rings awwwwwwwwwwww!~ ~the biggest turn on is if ur already kinda turned on and ur with ur boyfriend or sumthin and like hes pretty hard N he like slams u against a wall and gets close to u ...and he hit u in the right spot! DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its heaven!!!! :)
Turn Offs:
~nose hairs~ ~leg hairs~ ~feet~ alot more i jus cant think of thst many right now!!
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