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Username: cuddlehoeee OfflineTotal Votes: 0
Age: 18Rating: 0
Gender: FemaleOverall Rank:
Sexuality: StraightSend Her An Instant Message
Status: DivorcedAdd To Friends List
Height: 5'7"Leave This User a Comment
Body Type: Thin cuddlehoeee's Journal
Eye Color: Blue Available to members.
Hair Color: Blonde Available to members.
Location: Byron Center MI Available to members.
Country: United States Available to members.
Last Login: Jan 18 2017 11:14 Post Count: 2
About Me:
♥ I'm your [ w o r s t ] nightmare, but your [ b e s t ] dream ♥
i'm 18 ! ! !
i'm the kind of girl who feels so hurt and smiles
i'm a mess
i think too much
i let the little things get to me
im a pessimistic person
i have a big ♥, its your choice whether or not you love me or hurt me.
i wear my ♥ on my sleeve
i need love&affection
i wanna feel your ♥ next to mine
i get my ♥ broken a lot
im shy, but you cant tell online
i cry a lot
i get hurt easily
im a sucker for a sweet talker
i am a virgin
im very emotional
i am a very jealous person
im insecure
i get attached way to easy
i can be a bitch
im not willing to change for anyone
im a HOPELESS romantic
i'm blunt
i swear a lot
when i like you i want all of you
when im bored i get random
im always hungry for ♥
i used to care what people thought about me, now all i care about is how i feel
Just because i laugh doesn't mean i dont cry myself to sleep
i have a hard time trusting people
if tears made you pretty i'd be fucking gorgeous
♥ How does it feel to be d i f f e r e n t from me ♥
Turn Ons:
Pierced full lips. Beautiful eyes. Collar bones. Pretty smiles && teeth.Hickies. Dark hair && light eyes. Jeans with holes. Makeup.Piercings && Tattoos. Falling In Love. Bubble Baths. Rainy Days.Laughing til it Hurts. Intelligence. Music . Originality.Romantic Guys. Dreaming.Kissing. Cuddling. Neck Biting. Chocking.Hair Pulling. Hard && Soft Kisses. First Kisses. Holding Hands


Falling asleep with the one you love. L
Waking up to them.
Holding hands and kissing. O
Falling head over heels.
Quiet summer nights.
Watching the stars. V
Walks at night.
First Kisses.
Being held. E

Turn Offs:
[xx] I am the essence of femininity..I hate to be dirty, and I hate things that are unclean. I clean my room daily.
[xx] I am not skinny. I NEVER will be "skinny". I am not some pole of a poor white trash woman. I have class.
[xx] You get what you are given.. be rude to me.. I'll be rude back. I can be a very nice person or I can be the biggest bitch you have ever met. It just depends on you.
[xx] I am not sorry that I do NOT like you.
[xx] I will NOT be sorry for my imperfections.
[xx] Am I supposed to be offended because you do not like me ?
[xx] I refuse to compromise myself for ANYONE
[xx] People that cant show their true colors - if you want sex, do NOT sugar coat it with pretty words and compliments. If you want to be a friend, super.
[xx] Sexism - we are ALL human, its no big deal that women do it better
[xx] Druggies - Drugs are a source of escape from reality. If you can't live with reality; you'll always be a drug user, and you'll never amount to anything. You'll just drain the countries economy and taxes even more. CONGRATULATIONS!! You're a DEAD BEAT!!
[xx] Fakers - if you can't be yourself, you can't be anyone else. So settle for your ugly self, or your pretty self, and get over your insecurities. We ALL have them. Yours aren't any worse then anyone elses.
[xx] Wannabies - tell me, what exactly is it that you want? I am not so sure even YOU know.

Bad Fashion Sense. Body Hair. Poor Hygiene. Bad Breath.Bad teeth. Broken hearts. Break-ups. Games Guys Play.Cheaters. Liars. Bad Kissers. Waiting. When i want what i cant have.Being Lied to. Being rushed. Annoying People. When People Put Words In My Mouth.
Diesel25, 10:06PM, June 03, 2006 Add to friends Instant Message View Profile
Diesel25 just a note to say hello and wish you a great day....

i'd love to talk with you have any messengers we can chat on?

leave an addy and i'll be sure to say hello sometim
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oh mah gawsh.. Victoria is:

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