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Username: paceymoore OfflineTotal Votes: 33
Age: 21Rating: 9.363
Gender: MaleOverall Rank:
Sexuality: StraightSend Him An Instant Message
Status: SingleAdd To Friends List
Height: 6'2"Leave This User a Comment
Body Type: Athletic paceymoore's Journal
Eye Color: Blue Available to members.
Hair Color: Brown Available to members.
Location: winterhaven FL Available to members.
Country: United States Available to members.
Last Login: Jan 18 2017 11:14 Post Count: 0
About Me:
i am a singer song writter , i am a waiter , i am learning the guitar , im not perfect i have my faults im human i have feelings (as hard as that is to beleave for some people)" but what can you do ,you have to move on you cant live life feeling sorry for yourself, so here i am trying to get through school and life so that one day ill find a shread of what people call happiness, i honestly dont care where i end up 10 -20 years from now as long as i am happy and i make somone else happy , "what doesint kill you makes you stronger ?.... well then i must be one of the strongest peopel on earth " life is some tough shit most people have no clue even as much as they think they do they dont , but i know ill be better off when it hits the fan becouse life teaches people things and one thing ive learned is HOW TO DEAL so dont worry about me or my feelings ill deal
Turn Ons:
these arnt really turnons just things i like.........jaggermiester....capt. and the capt .make it music ,movies , special people(no not short bus special ) ,,those moments you get lost in when words dont need to be spoken they are just understood ,soft small bellys,soft skin ,cuddling (i know im a guy but i like affection ), girls who are mean to me ,girls that inspire me , girls who blush when i sing songs for them , girls who cry when i sing songs written about them , girls who dont realize how good they would have it with me , i like it when somones smile no matter how mad or sad i am when i see it i cant help but to smile its the perfect drug, i like knowing that i can give any girl an orgasim , i also like how my roomate makes an ass of him self on internet sites,hunny nut chex , fruity pebbles, hunny nut clusters , OHHS, golden grams,hunny bunches of oats, ilike cereal
Turn Offs:
i hate accedently shaving off my gote'...i dislike how my roomate cant let things go .. and the fact noone would have guessed we were roomates .. unless we bitched at each other like this on internet sites .. non special people , girls who dont inspire me , girls who are mean to me , girls who dont like when i sing for them , girls who are embarrased when i write songs about them ,the way the perfect girls for me dont realize how perfect i could be for them , overly superficial girls,i dont like when peopel try to hide things from me (i always find out )my parents , stuped football injurys,, when people treat me different when the learn about my family ..... being alone:(
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