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Username: xxNurseAshle OfflineTotal Votes: 1235
Age: 19Rating: 9.794
Gender: FemaleOverall Rank:
Sexuality: StraightSend Her An Instant Message
Status: UndisclosedAdd To Friends List
Height: 5'9"Leave This User a Comment
Body Type: Average xxNurseAshle's Journal
Eye Color: Brown Available to members.
Hair Color: Dyed/Streaked Available to members.
Location: Winter Haven FL Available to members.
Country: United States Available to members.
Last Login: Jan 18 2017 11:14 Post Count: 105
About Me:
:-) Hey guys and gals. My name is Ashley. I am 19 years old and I attend Polk Community College with a major in nursing. I love love love to party and hang out with my friends. I absolutely love them to death! Love to go to clubs and bars and just dance, meet new people and have a good time.Other things I like are the beach,volleyball,cuddling,shopping and my sweetheart Nicholas Dutko(can't wait til you get down here baby). People tell me that I am sweet and caring. I am always there for my friends whenever they are in need. I am a good listener and very generous. I will treat you with respect if you treat me with respect. I do not discriminate and I have a liking for pretty much anyone. I believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way. I am not fake and I do not lie. I believe that I have met the love of my life. He is mentioned in the sentences above. :-)
Turn Ons:
Mentally...Honesty, sense of humor,open-minded,caring people,romanticism.
Physically..kisses on the neck and collarbone/a guy's V/soft lips/teasing/rubbing/grabbin my booty ;-)/licking/biting/cuddling/hair pulling
Gotta be taller than me.people who can joke around and deal with sarcasm. You gotta be clean!!I can't deal with dirtiness...Dress decent..gotta be patient.Smell good.Fun.Be able to talk easy but not too much.Silly guys. Shaved is the expression ;-)
Turn Offs:
lying, body odor, bad breath, dirty nails, pushiness,major sarcasm,chew,(i can tolerate smoking),guys who have no goals in life, if you can't count how many sex partners you have had, if you can count how many sex partners you had and that number is over 20,hair down there(shave it, or keep it trimmed neatly),jealousy,cheating,rumors,rough skin,ear wax, yellow teeth and obnoxious people.
LBreezy, 01:36PM, August 18, 2008 Add to friends Instant Message View Profile
LBreezy hey whats up,i actually live in orlando...your really beautiful leave me a comment back
bluemonkey69, 11:20PM, February 24, 2007 Add to friends Instant Message View Profile
bluemonkey69 i'm going to get hurt on purpose
Lastforever, 12:53AM, July 13, 2006 Add to friends Instant Message View Profile
Lastforever if i ever go to the doctors i hope i get you as a nurse

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