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18 - Male - TX
#1. eskimojo2005 10
About: look and see
26 - Female
#2. burtikuta 10
22 - Male - MA
#3. bigg_papa 10
What's up ppl? damn it's been a min since i been on this site... but i'm glad it still up. My name's Steve, i'm just out looking to meet as many new kool ppl as possible. my goal is to take over the world one person at a time. lol. im a chill dude, i drink, i smoke, i work, and i party. that'
18 - - NV
#4. IaMgOdYaY420 10
Two hundred years inside that box! For crimes against humanity! That's right, ladies and gentlemen, I raped a dolphin. But technically it was a porpoise. But one blow-hole's the same as the next to me!
20 - Male - ON
#5. xx_markus_xx 10
First of all my names Mark. I have my nipple pierced and my ears are in the process of being spaced. I have 1 tattoo but there are more to come. Im a freak of nature and thats all there is to know about me There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for
18 - Male
#6. lynchy619 10
i am me
20 - Male - FL
#7. SonGoku 10
I'm a mongolian/russian, finished college with a BA in Business and AA in Culinary, working full time as a Waiter, and part time as Masuese and Kung Fu instructor. I'm a very down to earth guy who doesn't mind living an adventerous life and always does his best to make others happy. I also have t
24 - Male - FL
#8. hunterj225 10
Hi, my name is Josh. I am in the Army and also do college online. I'm deployed overseas right now so I don't see home much. I'm a christian. I have fought a little mixed martial arts I'm 14-3 as a pro.
20 - Female - WI
#9. cmn3 9.93
18 - Female - CA
#10. Sarahashley 9.91
Proof video- I'm 5'9, a huge history nerd. I like classic rock. I compete horses and like to run. I'm going to school for dental hygiene and later on I hope to become a dolphin trainer one day. I'm a huge animal lover. I'm pretty down to Earth. Just
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