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18 - Female - SC
#1. Nightlife008 9.82
My Name is Charlene, I am a student at Brookland-Cayce high school. I live in South Carolina, I love all types of music. I enjoy partying, going to the lake and beach, tanning, and hangin out with people i love!
28 - Female - ON
#2. BeLLa_SToRmY 9.81
I take it in the ass... often
20 - Female - SC
#3. GixerBarbie 9.81
I am 19 I go to college and I work at a law firm for about 50 lawyers, i have my own apartment, i love to party, drink and go out to bars with my friends, drinking out on the lake at night well just about anything that deals with boats and beer, i love street bikes fast cars and really big trucks, a
19 - Female - NY
#4. damaged3131 9.80
I am outspoken yet shy, loyal, lonely, misunderstood, violated, jealous, impatient, independant, reliable, honest, understanding, insecure, depressed yet happy, fucked up, attention craving,sado, believer, motivated, tease, cold, short, whore, uncomfortable in my own skin, trustworthy, abused, artis
18 - Female - ON
#5. stef_2003 9.79
Hello, my names Stef,im half swedish and half english, im into heavy music, my fav band is linkin park, others are Godsmack, System of a down, korn, static-x, deftones, zombie ,slipknot, Nirvana, and more, i have a awesome bf named corey...YER THE BEST!!
18 - Female - ON
#6. usosexzie00 9.79
Alanna- I live in Hamilton, where the guys are jerks and the girls are fake. Don't I love it :) Not the prettiest, skinniest, \"raddest\" person on this site, Well, I'm really not the anything-est gal on this site, but I'm okay with that. I've got a sarcastic humor to me, it gets annoying even
18 - Female - GA
#7. twiztidbabie 9.79
This site is over rated,just like the rest of them.. [X]I Dont care if you think im a bitch,Because Behind This bitch,THeres the asshole that made me this way.[X] *((Umm I Hate People,Get over it))* -If i dont Like you,YOull Know- [x]I think About Your Face,and how i fall into your eyes,The
31 - Female
#8. wittywench74 9.79
im funny, bubbley, friendly and cheeky
18 - Female - TN
#9. kimmaboo21 9.79
Im 18!! I work at Hollister! I love my best friend farah.. shes tha bestest. Jimmy Neutron makes me happy:) Crumbum is hott! I like to sing in the shower, I have the \"fan\" shower curtain, its rad! Pink is my favorite color! People laugh at me b/c im ditzy, but im really smart actually... im ~sin
19 - Female - FL
#10. xxNurseAshle 9.79
:-) Hey guys and gals. My name is Ashley. I am 19 years old and I attend Polk Community College with a major in nursing. I love love love to party and hang out with my friends. I absolutely love them to death! Love to go to clubs and bars and just dance, meet new people and have a good time.Other th
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