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21 - Female
#21. xjodiex 9.79
I'm a fun lovin girl, always up for a laugh and will try anythin once. Personality wise i'd say i've got a crackin sence of humour, bit daft sometimes but hey, arent we all! Ive just met the love of my life. I fell madly in love and knew from the second i laid eyes on her that she was the one
21 - Female - LA
#22. CheerBabie17 9.79
*21 female from Baton Rouge, Louisiana but living in Maurepas *Graduated from Central High *Piercings - tongue*belly button*3 in left ear 2 in right*about to get my nose *love to play football*softball*to cheer* believe it or not but I do go to Church..been an active member since I was like 12 ev
18 - Female - IL
#23. bloodykiszs 9.79
By the way, those pictures arent 3 years old, my camera is just messed up..I'm stehanie.Hmm. The main thing to know about me is i love to have fun. i love going to shows and love playing my drums. i also play guitar. Music makes me happy and also being with my friends. im a cuddle freak, i can do i
18 - Female - ON
#24. je55ica 9.79
About: i've come to the conclusion that the only way to know anything about anyone is to talk to them. there is way to much to a person to write in a small box. __there are two main tragedies in life, one is to lose your hearts desires and the other is to gain them.
18 - Female - NY
#25. AdDicT3dx3o 9.79
ill fill this out later♥
18 - Female - IN
#26. whatbrit 9.79
*Britany Turner*Seventeen years old*Everyone says I'm just like a Laguna Girl, you decide*I drive a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee Loredo*I used to have a 2001 Mustang (totalled)[9/16/05]*I'm currently a CNA and I want to eventually become an RN*Retired Gymnast and Competitive Cheerleader(until next yea
18 - Female - PA
#27. XCarebear06X 9.79
20 - Female - CA
#28. CrossMyHeart 9.79
Sarah. 8 Tattoos. 10 piercings. 5/8\" stretched Ears. How Original. Music oriented. Open minded. Observant. Outgoing. Singer. Persuasive. Dominating. Loud. Crazy. Nice. Mysterious. Determined. Artistic. Writing is my is my makes everything okay..I love this beauty..
19 - Female - MN
#29. BonesGal 9.79
Hey hey!! :) I\\'m a VERY cheerful girl who LOVES having fun! And I tend to do so w/o drugs or alcohol. Anything else you'd like to know, you can just ask ;)
18 - Female - SC
#30. xxblinkmexx 9.79
About: I live in columbia/irmo sc Height about 5'6 Blue eyes Brown hair What do i do in my spare time? Well when im not busy being stuck up my boss's ass (jk not really stuck up his ass im not stuck up like most lil bitches!!) (i can actually be quite nice)
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