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18 - Female
#61. MyMyMy 9.78
18 - Female - CA
#62. dcpowers 9.78
Caring, Understanding, and Tolerant. I dont smoke or do drugs but yes I do drink. I am a full time student, my major is Liberal Arts and I want to be an elementary school teacher. I volunteer at an animal shelter on the weekends.*no I dont have any nude pix or pix of my t & a. Im not one of those gi
20 - Female - NC
#63. Tink8960 9.78
The name's Brittany. A sophmore in college.. .. i spend most of my time studying and doing homework so i can transfer to a four-year university soon. (in high school i was such a slacker!) i plan to get a degree in journalism so that when i graduate i can write for a magazine or somethin like that
18 - Female
#64. MissBehavin6 9.78
Hey im Sarah, im 16 and a student just finished doin exams! Im easy to get on with, bubbly, kind, friendly and mates say im funny! :D Love going shoppin with ma mates and havin laugh, love footy, goin to cinema, clubbin, drinkin and basically just having a good time!
18 - Female - PA
#65. lilmami411 9.78
My name is britt... i love to party,i have 2 tattoo's and a couple peircings... i spend most my of time outdoors quading, hiking,chillen w/friends n shopping...very open minded.. i hate most ppl b/c there bitches (well around here anyways)... i enjoy writing and drawing to express the way im feeli
18 - Female
#66. CutiePie 9.78
.:.I'm not 18 im actually 16 taken by an amazing guy and couldn't be happier. I can be the Sweetest most nicest Chick in the world or i can be the bitchiest Chick ever. I Cheerlead for my school Football&Basketball team. I absolutly love to hang out and chill and Party with ma girls,ima crazy gal
21 - Female - ON
#67. HoT_LiPS 9.78
i don't get along with girls unless they don't either, funny how it works sometimes.i used to party hard but i'm out of the scene for awhile, i just like to chill and be happy, same as anyone wants.
18 - Female - TX
#68. GUMM2007 9.78
Hey! My name is Michele, I\\'m 16 not 18. My nickname is Mickey and GUMM, so your welcome to call me that to. I\\'m going to be a junior at W.T. White High School, GO LONGHORNS! Most guys say Im very sweet but I can be a bitch when I want to be. I like having fun: swimming, bowling, put put, movie
19 - Female - FL
#69. K0NSTANTiNE 9.78
[well this time i'm not going to watch myself die] i'm lauren; i'm eighteen; i am not what you have already pegged me to be, because everyone has their own opinions of someone before getting to know them, i am nothing like you; i'm different from everyone you know & ever will know; i can be crud
19 - Female - IL
#70. numbemotions 9.78
About: [[Erika]] [[5'4\" ]] [[125#]] If you'd like to know, ask!
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