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18 - Female - NJ
#81. eyecandy 9.78
im Desiree.. usually Des.. im generally a bitchy person so dont be suprised if im mean.. i absolutely LOVE baseball, vin diesel, donnie darko, and halloween.. im 17 and im lazy so i dont have my license yet.. i live in ghetto sicklerville in south jersey and it sucks.. as much as i cant stand drama
20 - Female
#82. x_Carolyn_x 9.78
23 - Female - ON
#83. CutxUpxAngel 9.78
20 - Female - NY
#84. hottchicka09 9.78
OK, my name's Heather, i'm 5'10\" and weigh 130lbs, and i have a 38C bra. I'm half middle eastern and half greek. I'm bisexual so yes i like girls too!! I'm a swimmer mostly, but i did play volleyball and did track in high school. I've been swimming for 14 years now and i'm not sure where i\
23 - Female - CA
#85. xcstarrx 9.78
IM HALF ARGENTIAN&GUATEMALIAN WHAT A a cool silly girl who loves to dance And also i love to sing anywhere and any thing specially when im on the road..I LOVE TO EAT LOTS OF FOOD.. all i can say is im a big dork That just likes to be her self at all times no matter where shes at...Sometimes i
18 - Female - OH
#86. NaWTiNiKKi 9.78
FYI-I AM THE ONE WITH CURLY BROWNISH HAIR!!! HEY!!! What's up? I'm Nikki...and I'm 17...WoOhOO...I'm single (sad yes I know)...and you can tell what I look like from my pix...I also have my nose pierced, tongue pierced (YAY SPRING BREAK 2005 MIAMI) and have 2 tattoos :)I like just hangin out wi
19 - Female - NV
#87. T0taLS1l3nC3 9.78
*Take My Poll* Hey, im Pauline. Im very shy, which gives the impresion that i am stuck up.I just found the man of my life.I have made mistakes and learned very well from them.I've been told that i am very nice. Don't judge me until you get to know me. I don't like fake people. I don't care
18 - Female - MN
#88. a_and_b 9.78
Whats up? I\\'m Becky, Ya thats me up there. I\\'m not HOT, but I\\'m not Ugly either. So gimme a good rating, and I\\'ll do the same for you. I\\'m 16 years old, from Northern Minnesota, I love Music and Meeting new people. I hate Labelz so please don\\'t use them to descirbe me. Ok? ok! Hm..
36 - Female - WV
#89. kittenkiller 9.78
fuck you, I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m here for gene, I don\\\\\\'t know how I ended up featured girl or whatever, but to be honest, I have no interest, I\\\\\\'m a busy girl and probably won\\\\\\'t respond to generic comments, or whatever it is that people do
18 - Female - OH
#90. CandyKisses1 9.78
* Rachel. * Goes By Rachel Or Rachie. Never Rach. * Senior At Start High School. * Seventeen. * 5'2. * Brown Hair. * Hazel Eyes. * Belly Ring. * Shy At First. * Talkative. * Hyper. * Random. * Goofy. * In Love. * Mature. * Immature. * Serious. * Silly. * Anything Else. Just Ask. :] *
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