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20 - Male - NY
#1. PornoCreep 9.91
i beat every single pokemon game. i prefer the yellow edition cause i like when pikachu follows you.
18 - Male
#2. jayson17 9.81
i'm 6'0 and i have blue eyes blondish hair i'm half italian half puerto rican. I love to skate, not sktaeboarding,i do aggresive inline.I also wrestle,and i play soccer and chill wit my friends and party.When i'm around ppl i like to crack jokes.I'm not much of a fighter, but if ppl talk shit d
0 - Male - PA
#3. devil123 9.80
19 - Male
#4. D_Lax44 9.80
Vince. i play lacrosse im a pretty laid back kinda guy.. i like to go out and party and have fun, like chics that are real and have good personalities. u cant really get to know a person by reading their info so if you wana get to know me talk to me ;) my IMs on here dont work so IM me on aim
21 - Male
#5. serg 9.80
fill this out l8r... myspace....
24 - Male - AB
#6. MoneyMike 9.80
Never again and never again they gave us two shots to the back of the head and we're all dead now..........
18 - Male - TX
#7. afboxermodel 9.80
Hey whats up my names nick im me and ask for more.....finally got a it out...
23 - Male - PA
#8. rkj2001 9.80
ummm just ask me
18 - Male - TX
#9. artoffalling 9.80
im brian. im edge. i pour my heart out on paper. transfer my thoughts into film. im a dreamer. a romantic. i go to shows. dance. scream. say sweet things. say hurtful things. honest things. i love music & getting ink. i have one large tattoo wrapped around my left leg, more are on the way (ask for p
18 - Male - NJ
#10. imasouljah 9.80
About: in the ky national iraq right now..suuuucks ass. lets see tho, love to party, getting shit faced,, hot tubs, my car, raves, pretty much everything i cant do here.
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