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19 - Male - MI
#11. riseaganstme 9.80
The girl on the wall always waited for me, And she was always smiling The teenage death boys The teenage death girls And everyone was dancing Nothing could touch us then No one could change us then Everyone was dancing Nothing could hurt us then No one could see us then Everyone was dancin
22 - Male
#12. super_sexy_s 9.80
Howdy people my name is Sean. I live in sunny old England... (that was my sarcasm) i have a twin bro (cute_chris) so its all good. I like football, soccer to the other people and cricket. I love all sports really. I also love my food and sleep. I like hanging out with my mates and going to partys an
23 - Male
#13. electric_x 9.80
is thinking...hmmm is it a gift is it a curse life on this earth?? Come on in, shut the door take a seat an di'll begin... i hate all girls with material motives thats why im 20+ years old no sons nooo daughters. At first when we meet i come across shy and lonely,even sweet. but ones im out my shel
19 - Male - PA
#14. scboarder 9.80
I snowboard and make movies...that's all you need to know.
21 - Male - OH
#15. hotstud0210 9.80
My life is pretty much partying and dragging myself to class in the morning. My friends are very important to me and we are always out partying and going to clubs.
20 - Male - ON
#16. BMoneyInc 9.80
My Name Is Brandon. I live for shock value. I'll say whatever comes to mind, normally because it's true or because I wanna see how others react. I believe in complete honesty, that way stuff doesn't bite you in the ass later on. Some people might mistaken it for being an asshole but I disagree. I
21 - Male
#17. KevinMcL 9.80
Hey my real name is CaoimhĂ­n MacLochlainn Well im an outgoing person who loves to go out and have a laugh and party i love sports i play soccer and i also play Gaelic Football an Irish sport which i love i love listening to music aswell my fav bands are Stereophonics, Lifehouse, Snow Patrol, The Ki
18 - Male - CA
#18. JOSHYPOO 9.80
I have an underwater camera just in case I drive my car into the ocean, and at the last minute I see a photo opportunity of a fish that I have never seen. I am the guy that steals your sock out of the dryer. I once wrestled a family of polar bears. Contrary to popular belief, they are not cute and c
18 - Male
#19. beb0p 9.80
[Adam] I dislike most people
18 - Male
#20. DannyBoy 9.80
I'm sweet and juicy and lucious to the taste :)
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