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21 - Male - IL
#21. Kingnothing 9.80
Let me start off with, THIS SITE HATES ME! it deleted my acount when i had over 1000 votes.... screw you site just screw you. Im 6'2, 21 NOW WHOOHOOO :), play guitar, wear curve. i'm joe, im probally the most laid back guy out there, im a new uncle whoohooo:). I was a class clown and always want
20 - Male - FL
#22. GotBud420 9.8
I am just now in love with the most beautiful and smartest girl i have met. Her name is Amber lee. I never wanted befored but now i know for sure, amber lee is the wifey for me. Her and I are gonna have a great family someday. Meeting her is the best thing that has happened to me in my life. She has
23 - Male - FL
#23. Ethan815 9.8
I'm pretty down to earth mentally, but I AM know, the kid who always got in trouble for disrupting class! I'm not into alot of the drama that so many of us seem to drown ourselves in. I'm real and don't like to play games with people, especially when the rules keep changing anyway. I
21 - Male - LA
#24. lilplayboy 9.8
im me to find out
18 - Male - NJ
#25. BlindFire118 9.8
Ok lets see.... First of all, Im Alex, im 18..... minus 4 hehe if you can see. Ok i have long black/brown hair, ice blue eyes, I like rock, im x-skater(starting up again soon after school), I paintball, and im a gamer. Oh yea and I play the Alto Sax. Im also funny, witty, creative, catchy, and have
23 - Male - WI
#26. lucianous01 9.79
19 - Male - ON
#27. JUKEE 9.79
Darian, Italian, Dark hair, Green eyes, Lightly tanned lol, 5'9, LIKES TO.... party, club, dancing, drinkin while dancing, beachin it , go to the cottage, movies, mall, sports, shoppin, music , hanging out n just chillin like a villan :)
23 - Male - CT
#28. MiamiCane69 9.79
I am an easy-going, fun-loving guy. I like to just chill with my friends and have a great time. I am all about living life to the fullest! If you like to laugh and have a great time, I am your man! I love to ride my Sea-Doo, I have even had sex on it, hehe. Sounds like fun right, it was! Maybe
21 - Male - IL
#29. Southern_boi 9.79
hey whats up just moved back to illinois ....looking for friends , but im a normal very straight actin guy..w/ a sensitive side!
0 - Male - MA
#30. bleedxout 9.79
yo.. just one thing.. for the guys that come to my page and downrate me.. i really honestly dont give a fuk about my ratings.. there just on so i dont got to hear the \"yea u rate me bad but ur rating is off BS\" lol anyway if u wanna downvote me fine.. i have i request... leave me a comment and tel
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