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22 - Male - TN
#71. brianb420 9.79
18 - Male
#72. Aussie_510 9.79
Nothing realy i am jsut plain and simple but i have my moments lol like all... Oh i am not 18 lol but i have been told i look it I am a dj and do what i want haha
21 - Male - OH
#73. CandyShop 9.79
My favorite music is rap. I especially like Eminem and 50 Cent!!!!!! I have no clue whats wrong with my second pic. They wouldn't let me upload it as a jpg so i had to make it a gif and it lost some detail. I work out everyday and my favorite sport is basketball.
21 - Male - BC
#74. PlayNSkillz 9.79
Chillin party work on my the lowrider been boxing for about 4 years now. i dunno what else to write. you can always just ask.
18 - Male - CO
#75. Jason18GSR 9.79
names jason, im a easy person to get along w/, i hate being bored, i like to be active, i love to party, i love beer, i love females, i like to joke around alot, i dont care wut people think of me, ill say wutever i want, im blunt, i guess just IM me i like meetin new people...........o ya and i got
23 - Male - NJ
#76. bucketofrain 9.79
30 - Male - WI
#77. dreadedone24 9.79
I'm Aaron. If you wanna know more talk to me about it.
23 - Male - TX
#78. RaTtMaN 9.78
i'm just a computer geek who loves to play CS online, and work on comps, and build em, and fix em... i'm also really into music such as heavy metal and grunge and alternative rock... i love playing my guitar and jammin with a few friends :-) that's really about it \"Few people are capable of
20 - Male - PA
#79. the1andonly 9.78
�Name is �Jay� � Hit me up sometime. Peace. I'm not on here much so get at my myspace..
19 - Male - NJ
#80. Tu_Flaco 9.78
Im 100% DOMINICANO REPRESENTANDO A MI Hermosa TIERRA I was Born N Santiago ....It dont get NO Betta..hahahaha .... Im A very Out going Person That likes To Have Fun N do alots Of Crazy things..THEY BE LIKE DAMN THIS NIGGA GOT SKILLZ (U PROBABLY THINKIN WHAT TYPE OF SKILLZ HE HAS??). IMA HYPER NICE,
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