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18 - Male - NS
#81. Tommyb 9.78
im fun like to party play sports and love techno and raving
18 - Male - TX
#82. sexybear 9.78
Im from M-town USA, Im a 18yr old athlete. I like to ball up, and im going to be running track in college for ASU. Im real easy goin and like to get know people.
19 - Male - CT
#83. Fratz 9.78
YO whats good... .My Names Chris................ CHeck out my Homie Tone! datd00dtone
26 - Male - VA
#84. rosscameron 9.78
What you see is what you get...I'm Ross, livin' in VA, doin' the real world thing. That's about all to me. I'm an open person so if you got somethin' on your mind then ask/say what you like. I'm about as chill as they come. :)
23 - Male - MN
#85. KroamD 9.78
wassup yall... this that boy kroamd. yall know how i do. i keep it good. i aint no gansta, this that K-STYLE baby. i keep it nice yall. YEA.... check out my music at myspace and let me know what ya'll think.. HEY EVERYONE WE NEED YOUR HELP... PLEAS
19 - Male - NY
#86. TunnelLight 9.78
I rather linger in the comfort of darkness than in light. However i do oviously use and need the light seeing as how i will (hopfully sooner than later) become a tattoo artist. I also play bass, and hope to one day join or form an actively proforming band. I'm into almost any band that has a singer
21 - Male - FL
#87. tbran18 9.78
whats up im tyler good ole country boy with a rocker side, from georgia ,just got out of the army.want to know anything else just ask
22 - Male
#88. random_ad 9.78
Hey. I'm Adam. Erm... Not much to say at all really haha. Just put some newer pictures up so if you fancy a chat or whatever get in touch.
18 - Male - TX
#89. MourningStar 9.78
Im 17, I write and sing songs, play guitar and basically any other art you can think of, I probally dabble in. Philosophical rantings are a vital part of my life. I drink and I smoke, and I dont really tolerate people telling me not to. My favorite color is purple, my favorite food is rare steak, m
22 - Male
#90. Ego_BraiN 9.78
i'm ulas from turkey and i play in theatre theatre and music is my life and always movies. i'm so talkitive person i wait here for talk anyone :p
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