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19 - Male - KY
#91. Collin251 9.78
Hi...umm a lil bit about me so i guess ill start----Not a horndog n a perv....i treat ladies with respect like they should be. But know how to be a bad boy when needed. People always notice my personality and my physical apperence is usually me lips or stomach. I race motocross all round the US and
19 - Male
#92. BeeYooTeeFoo 9.78
The three F\\'s... Fashion, Females and Football(soccer). Young, well traveled, Italian Stalion. Fashione whore influenced by various styles. Apparently love controversy too! I cant think what els jus ask moi.
20 - Male
#93. circa2004 9.78
whats up what the deal. names ralph, or ralph wiggum as the group calls me, or whatever you'd like. im from alaska, best place ever to live. i ride bmx, been doing it about 5 years or so i skate a little bit here and there. i smoke weed, its a personal choice, but for those who don't smoke, try it
26 - Male
#94. befa 9.78
I\\\\\\'m still a french guy called damen (thanks darevolution lmao), n my english is still bad!lmao, but i try my best to improve it!i\\\\\\'m network n system administrator...specialized in open source!si des francais lisent ca ou des anglais, n\\\\\\'hesitez pas a m\\\\\\'envoyer un msg!ma ph
20 - Male - FL
#95. flashback 9.78
I'm back.
25 - Male - BC
#96. lilrob540 9.78
i skate snowboard and surf have a few sponsors about to sttart my clothin company soon I hope. I love punk music and old school hip hop got lotsa tatties pretty much just love havin fun chillin partyin most of all ridin my skate much loves all
18 - Male
#97. anderson11 9.78
my names andrew. im pretty simple, dont do drugs or drink way to much. i play soccer, have been for a while and im just looking to meet some new people.
23 - Male - AZ
#98. ChupaMiWevos 9.78
Im just a guy that lives in Phoenix right now. I like to get out n do things and have fun and also chill n stuff. I been here since the middle of june so not long. hit me up sometime!
23 - Male - NE
#99. SexiestMale 9.78
i am fun, honest, sweet….very laid back and not moody… athletic: one of those rare smart jocks, played 2 college sports im on an academic scholarship, spontaneous, i prefer to please…i love to shop, chill at bars, dance, listen to music, drive, and watch movies been single too long and i have
25 - Male - OH
#100. jimmymac 9.78
columbus ohio
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